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My Top Design Trends of 2023!

It’s the New Year, and if you’re at all like me this tends to be the time of year where whenever you walk into a room of your home you do a little mental evaluation of your decor, thinking about what needs to stay or go. Do I paint a feature wall?  Is that light fixture still doing it for me? What the heck was I thinking with that duvet cover?? 

Even though I do love a good style refresh, I’m also pretty thankful that interior design trends don’t tend to have the same “fast fashion” tendency that we see with clothing (how expensive would THAT be?!). They tend to change slowly, more so by the decade than annually, which gives your own style time to gradually (and affordably) evolve with it.  

While there are always so many things that are noted as “trending” it can be impossible to consider them all, and it can get pretty overwhelming. So, to help give you a bit of guidance on how to make good use of what’s popular in home decor this year, I have put together my top 5 interior design trends of 2023, and I even included some product links to make the decor shopping that much easier! 

Quick disclaimer here: these are just some of my own favourite design features that are making waves out there, but don’t feel like you need to change up your whole room (or house) in order to stay “on trend”!  Some of the most beautiful spaces I’ve come across are unique, go against the grain, and simply reflect the owner’s personality, so create spaces that bring YOU joy!

Let’s get to it!


1. Earth Tones

The revival of Earth tones in the home has actually been creeping up over the last few years, and they are definitely out in full force for 2023. We’re seeing a lot more mauves, browns, and pinks, as well as warmer whites.  Benjamin Moore’s 2023 Colour Trends reflects exactly these sentiments, and I’ll be going into those in more detail (and how you can use them in your space) in my next blog post! 

cozy bedroom with terracotta wall

This bedroom is instantly cozy with a terracotta coloured wall! Sachel by Benjamin Moore would be a pretty close match!

Botanical Print

Printable artwork is an easy add to spruce up a space, and this beautiful abstract botanical print by Firum Studio ticks all the earth tone boxes.

Add this olive green duvet cover from Simons to your shopping cart for that earthy pop of colour!


2. Terrazzo

Maybe I’m biased, maybe my algorithms are showing me what I want to see, but Terrazzo seems to be making a BIG comeback, with some fab new updates. It is a welcome change to the go-to marble or granite slabs, with a variety of colour schemes, patterns and sizes (I’m a HUGE fan of the oversized flecks). While it can be challenging (and expensive) to find traditional Terrazzo where I live in Ontario (I have a vanity countertop that would look *chefs kiss* in terrazzo), there are some gorgeous terrazzo pattern porcelain tiles that would get you on that trend without breaking the bank! 

Want to get the look quickly, with out the work, mess, and on a budget? These Peel & Stick vinyl floor tiles from Amazon look AMAZING!!

The light terrazzo pattern + the hexagon tile shape makes for a fun combo in this bathroom by West One Bathrooms Limited

You can even get a touch of the terrazzo pattern with this cute lamp from Bouclair.

3. Textured Tile

Herringbone pink backsplash textured tile

Texture tiles, just like earth tones, have been making their way into homes in a variety of ways over the past few years. I found that it started with amping up the traditional subway tile from a smooth gloss finish, to an artisan or hand-pressed look.  Now they seem to be going all-in with a plethora of textures and shapes, which brings your tile game up a to a whole other level.

Textured blue subway tile

This textured blue subway tile makes an appearance in the kids bathroom at our cottage!

Chalky pink subway tile

These chalky-finish tiles by Estudio Ceramico are definitely on my list for a future project!

barrel tile

You want texture? You came to the right place with these barrel tiles by Kaufman Keramik (as seen in January/February 2023 issue of House & Home Magazine)

  4. Curves & Arches

Photo Credit: Kate Marker Interiors

I always think it’s a good idea to incorporate curves into a space, as they can soften the look and bring in some balance.  From an architectural perspective, arched bookcases and room entryways can bring a sense of elegance and charm. Making a big change like that not on your list of things to do? No problem, you can easily add some curves on a smaller scale with accessories, decor, and furniture!

A little bit of curves in this bookshelf by Home Bunch go a long way!

The soft curves of this upholstered bed by Article soften the look of our modern cottage Primary Bedroom

Curvy mirrors, like this one from West Mirrors, are a great way to add some character and movement!

5. Rattan & Cane (and wicker too!)

Photo Credit: Dashing Darlin

Natural materials have always been on the top of my decor and furniture must-have list because it brings warmth, texture, and colour to a space. Furniture trends this year are no exception.  Companies like Article and Structube have been embracing this modern-boho vibe, using streamlined shapes and solid wood with cane and rattan features.  While some feel that wicker can be very style-specific, and not the easiest to repair or refinish, there are tons of variations and “neo” versions of wicker out there. 

This rattan daybed from Casa Chic can double up as a toddler bed for a fabulous boho vibe.

I love the detail the cane webbing on these accent chairs by Structube!

Amber Interiors nailed the wicker look with this breakfast nook!

If you could pick any one of these trends to use in your space, which would you hop on first??

Happy decorating, and don’t forget to share!!


xo Michelle

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